Welcome to Koder Dojo! I am your host, David Hayden.

This website provides computer science and software development tutorials using a variety of programming languages. The tutorials are intentionally geared towards beginners who are learning programming and computer science. They are written for fun and inspired by code challenges, popular interview questions, and data structures and algorithms courses that I have either attended or tutored.

I started Koder Dojo when I first began taking data structures and algorithms courses using Python, so most of the tutorials are written in Python. However, I now tutor computer science students in C, C++, and Java, too, so more and more tutorials will be written in those languages as well. I professionally code in C#, so beginner C# tutorials are on the menu as well.

Over the next few months this website will begin to evolve, because I migrated it to a new ASP.NET Core CMS, called Orchard Core. Developing Orchard Core websites is a specialty of mine, and I am using this website as a playground for Orchard Core.

I hope you enjoy the tutorials. If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so via the contact page on my personal website.

I wish you all the best!